How to Recycle Your Candle Jar

How to Recycle Your Candle Jar

So, you've burned through your Golden Gal candle, bummer! But wait! Don't throw away that jar just yet... Our jars really have some potential. You paid good money for the candle, why lose out on the extra benefits? 

I explain step-by-step how to clean the leftover wax from your jar so you can use it for years to come!

  1. Make sure your candle is really done. If there is only 1/4"-1/2" of wax left at the bottom it's time to say buh-bye.
  2. There's many different ways to remove excess wax from a container, but my favorite way is to place the candle on an electric candle warmer, and turn it on. If you don't own one of these, they're very inexpensive.
  3. Once all of the wax in the jar is liquefied, turn off the warmer, and remove the candle jar. ***Remove with caution because the jar will be fairly warm to the touch*** 
  4. Carefully dump the melted wax into the trashcan. I usually pour it on a paper plate, let it dry, and then throw it away.
  5. Place the empty jar in the sink and turn the hot water on as hot as it can get. Again, don't burn yourself! 
  6. Let the hot water run and fill the jar. Keep the water running and let the jar overflow in the sink.
  7. The running hot water should loosen the wick so it can be removed, but if not you can take a butter knife and carefully pry it loose. 
  8. You should be able to remove the label at this point as well. If there is leftover residue from the label it typically comes off with nail polish remover and a good ole cotton ball. 
  9. Once the label and wick are removed, thoroughly wash the jar with warm soap & water. 
  10. VOILA! You have a new jar to use to your heart's desire! They're cute as little flower/succulent jars, q-tip or cotton ball holders, or as a makeup brush organizer. 

If you have any questions or have trouble removing your wax please shoot us a message! We'd be happy to assist :)





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