Let's Talk Fragrance Oils + Using Them

Let's Talk Fragrance Oils + Using Them

Fragrance oils are formulated from aromatic ingredients acquired from nature and created by scientific methods. Natural ingredients include essential oils, resins and absolutes. Although synthetic ingredients are man-made, they are also found in nature and reproduced using scientific techniques.

Fragrance is obviously needed in a candle; it's what gives a candle its scent. BUT...what a lot of people don't know is that there are hidden chemicals in MOST big name candles, i.e. Yankee Candle, Bath & Body Works, etc.. Now, these chemicals don't typically cause life threatening problems however they can gradually make a person feel pretty bad. Allergies & sensitivities are at the top of the list. If you've ever lit a candle and immediately get a headache or felt nauseous, that's what I'm talking about.

The oils I use in ALL of my candles + wax melts are 100% clean. There are zero additives & no chemicals. They're safe for adults, children and even pets, to breathe in. 

Let me break down fragrance oils for you. 

Fragrance oils are made up of "notes". Three sets to be exact; top, middle & base. Top notes, also called head notes, are typically 15-25% of the fragrance; these are what you smell first and they tend to evaporate quicker than the other notes. Middle notes, also called heart notes, are typically 30-40% of the fragrance and make up the body of the fragrance; they are what you smell after the top notes have faded. Base notes give a fragrance its “staying power” and are typically 40-55% of the fragrance. Without base notes, the fragrance would evaporate quickly and wouldn’t provide ample scent throw. 

What's scent throw?

Glad you asked! Scent throw refers to the release of fragrance from a candle. "Cold throw" is the scent being released when a candle is not lit, and "hot throw" is the scent released when a candle is burning. As a candle maker, achieving a strong scent throw is one of the most important things to me. A lot of factors can affect the throw of a candle. Temperature being the number one component. Even the temperature of your workspace can make a difference. 

What does temperature have to do with anything? 

When I make my candles, I melt the wax to a certain temperature. Once it reaches that point, I remove my pot from heat and add in my fragrance oil. If the oil is added too soon or too late, this will highly alter the scent throw. After the oil is added, I then stir the wax so that the oil really combines with the melted wax. I like to stir for a full two minutes to make sure everything is nice and incorporated. I let the wax sit until the temp drops to what we call "pour temperature". Once it's at the correct pour temp, I then pour the wax into my prepared vessels. If I didn't let the wax cool enough this would also alter the scent throw. Candle making really is a science! Have any questions about the art of candle making? Shoot me an email and let's chat!!



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