2021 Small Business Gift Guides

2021 Small Business Gift Guides

Every year, I see bloggers all over release "gift guides" around the holidays. These guides can be extremely helpful to those of us who struggle with finding meaningful presents for friends + family.

This year I decided to join in on the fun and create my own lil gift guides to assist those who need some fresh ideas!

First on the list is, of course, a candle lover's gift guide. I hand picked these cutie items from Etsy, and threw in a Golden Gal candle of course ;)  

  1. Ceramic Matchstick Cloche
  2. Wick Dippers
  3. Wick Trimmers
  4. Macrame Candle Coasters
  5. Skull Wax Melter
  6. Talk Murder to Me Soy Candle
  7. USB Rechargeable Lighter


Next up is a perfectly curated list of items for drinkers. These are so adorable + unique for the gal that likes to have a cocktail, glass of wine or a craft beer!

  1. Red Wine Stud Earrings
  2. Cocktail Art Print
  3. Wine Bottle Serving Dish/Planters
  4. It's Always Happy Hour Doormat
  5. Drink Wine Spoon Bookmark
  6. Classic Cocktail Recipe Cards


Last, but certainly not least, is my gift guide for the homebody! I'm a homebody myself, and these are gifts I would LOVE to receive.

  1.  Bathtub Tray
  2. Smiley Face Slippers
  3. Indoorsy Sweatshirt
  4. Bath Truffles
  5. Good At Naps Throw Blanket


I want to be clear that I don't gain any sort of commission from these links. I just want to help others while also supporting small businesses :) I hope you find these helpful!

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